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​About Us

Ader’s Tavern ​​​​​was established after prohibition by George Ader. The original location was just south of the current location on the corner of Broadway and Florence Avenue. A new building was constructed circa 1962 and included a residence for George and his wife Madeline.

After George died, Madeline managed the tavern by herself. She sold the tavern and name was then changed to East Point Tavern but Madeline took possession of the tavern again and then in 1987 sold it to her nephew David Young who changed the name back to Ader's Tavern.

In 1990 he then sold the tavern to Bruna Giassi Devino, the current owner. Renovations to the building in 1991(designed by Dennis M. Devino, Architect) converted the Aders residence, a one bath two bedroom ranch, into dinning space and pool table area for the tavern. At that time Madeline’s kitchen was used to prepare lunches for the locals and catering some of the local business. Lunches were served on Monday through Friday from 11:00 to 3:00. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Maliconico and Bruna served home cooked Italian meals and many traditional American favorites until Lizzie retired in 2007.

Additional renovations in starting in June of 2007 added a commercial kitchen to the back of the tavern and up dated bar and dinning room. The renovations were completed in April of 2008.

Hurricaine Sandy brought her fury to Union Beach on October 29, 2012. All that was renovated was destroyed, equipment, iventory floated around and was left where ever. There was about 4.5 feet of water that came into the building. The tide went out and thankfully the building survived the flood waters, but what a mess we had on our hands.


So many others were not as lucky, so many homes destroyed by the wave and high surge. We were lucky that everyone in Union Beach was safe.